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you can apply the ski rental service from this application form. enter your name, home address, phone number and email address. pick the items that you need and sizes.
add the start date and return date. confirm the application form and click apply button.
you will get a email from us in 2 or 3 business days.

Boots stocks also many Boapatsu and various parts in the boom sport, experienced staff the repair of such Byindingu has made a polite work. Please feel free to visit us when it came to Niseko.


I put online booking from BOOM SPORTS rental site. Or are accepted by phone.
① First, select the item you want to borrow, and then enter the appropriate size.
② then enter the dates of rental, you can write a profile of your own.
③ confirmation on, emergency send!
④ reserved content will arrive to your own e-mail address.

Passing is easy! Starting toward Niseko!

I'll stop by to Niseko BOOM SPORTS.
The "... and I is reserved ○○"
The "come, I am here
Zurawashii procedure also simplified, receives the rental goods without waiting for, come and check the size, let's head to the Silver of the world !!
※ after use Do not forget identification (such as a driver's license) you, please return to the Niseko BOOM SPORTS.
※ Please contact in advance if a return other than return the location of the reservation of hope.
There might be another charge occurs.
Please return method, will guide you during your loan.
※ rental of acceptance now has become with your phone only. Telephone number 0136-23-0011


Boom Sports
Boom Building
12-2,South1 West1,Kucchan City Of Abuta, Hokkaido
6 minutes walk from Kucchan Station
Summer Season
Open 10:00-19:00
Holiday 10:00-18:00
Winter Season
Open 10:00-19:00